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Guild Rules

Joint Venture is a Republic PvE guild on The Progenitor. We aim to be a successful raiding guild whilst maintaining a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.




We aim to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere in all our guild activities. Please remember to be considerate to your fellow guildies, both in what you say and how you act.

Also try to be courteous in your dealings with other players and not to behave in a way that would reflect negatively on the reputation of the guild.




Guild Master

Ellie – the Lady in charge


Guild Secretary

Ellie's many alts


Officer & Lieutenants

Together with Ellie the officers are responsible for the following:

organisation of events

leading of ops


maintenance and moderation of the website and TS

looking after the guild bank

dealing with any concerns or disputes



Members that have increased access to the guild bank.



Speaks for itself ;)



Anyone that has not been online for an extended period of time without giving notice. People in this rank will automatically drop to the bottom of the Suicide Kings list (see section on raiding). Promotion back to member will occur if the the player becomes active again. Anyone who is in the MIA rank for over a month will be kicked from the guild.



The rank for new recruits. Promotion to member occurs after a period of getting to know one another and when the officers and player agree that the recruit is fitting in.




Any level 50-65 character in Joint Venture is eligible to come along on ops depending on any specific gear/level requirements for the ops that is scheduled.

You can attend as many/few ops as you like – this is a game not a job ;)

Our raiding rules - which are mostly there to make sure things run smoothly and there isn't too much hanging around - can be found here


Guild Bank

The guild bank is there for all guildies to use.


Tabs 1 - 3

Anyone with member rank or above can access these tabs. Use it for anything you think is useful or someone else might want. 


Tab 4

This is the endgame tab. Anyone with veteran rank or above can access it. Here we store consumables for ops and exotic crafting mats. Please only use the mats for crafting gear that will upgrade your character and try to use them responsibly – make sure you don't use them all. If you don't have access to the tab and want something crafting, ask an officer to get the mats for you.

Ops consumables are both time consuming and costly to craft. If you can craft your own that is much appreciated or if you find yourself using the guild supplies regularly, try to donate some mats or credits to go towards their creation.


Tab 5

Accesible by officers only. Special, mysterious items can be found here ;) This is the tab where we keep prizes and endgame gear etc.


Thanks for reading this :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to one of the officers. We will do our best to sort it out.

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